Interdisciplinary consultancy in the art market at the difficult interfaces between economics, law and taxes (especially for collectors, art investors, gallerists and artists).

For collectors, there are many “well-meaning” advices on the expansion of the collection However, we advise collectors, about the “after collecting” with the preparations for the restructuring and share of their collections. The term “After Collecting” is comprehensive/complex and includes in addition to the mediation, the planning, management and analysis of collections, the execution of the will, the Foundation advice and the management (each with a focus on the estate of the art).

The purchase of works of art as an investment in the booming art market has an increasing role for art investors. We know this from experience. Our analytical findings revealed however that there are many reasons to why art investors do not always achieve permanent value increases. We therefore offer more access to sophisticated art market investments, where there are profitable engagements for art-savvy investors.

For gallery owners the question arises in the context of the project and financing. Often grandiose projects fail due to the necessary liquidity. At this point, we can help.

In addition, we strengthen the cooperation of the gallery owner and its artists, even beyond death. As well as planning its own emergency and succession. We will act as the competent contact person available for the artist supervised by him.

Arising Artists are faced with organizational duties, often pushing for a settlement with the first commercial successes at exhibitions and sales. For example, questions about invoices, insurance, taxes, grant applications and gallerist contracts should be answered quickly and with confidence. Krammig & friends is artists with a holistic, comprehensive advice on the side.